2003 in San Juan del Río Oaxaca the Fisherman of Dreams found an Espadín agave that grows in favorable conditions regarding the climate and ecosystem. Followed his encounter with Isaias and his family that has been producing mescal from more than 3 generations and respect the historical taste, the land and the culture. Then Aprendiz was created as an amicable mescal for those who wish to initiate in the jurney of artisanal agave distilates. Conceived to be enjoyed straight or in mixology, Aprendiz espadin has its base at 40º GL and reflects a high smoky flavor followed by sweet notes allowing to enter the next sip due to its low alcohol content.

The next step on the apprentice is a line of ensembles of wild Tepextate and Tobala playing with the cheerful angustofolia agave base at 45º GL to respect the flavor and spirit of that wild variety.